IPA Glass 3/4 Pint

IPA Glass 3/4 Pint

This uniquely molded beer glass was designed specifically with craft beer in mind. It features a fine thin rim for a great feel on the lips, a chimney shaped upper bowl for aroma concentration and an ergonomic and visually pleasing shape that features a straight base which tapers into a bowl for a comfortable hold. 

This is a modern glass for genuine craft beer enjoyment. Its well-conceived shape with the elegant curve serves as a visual fill aid and the professional shape is versatile enough for varied beer styles such as IPAs, stouts and porters. It also has a tried and tested durability that has a high resistance to shattering and temperature as well as an impressive surface hardness. 

The Craft Master One is glassware that offers a functional appeal as well as an undeniable aesthetic poise that both work to add value to any bar or establishment that is serious about craft beer.


Size: 13.7oz / 38cl

CE Marked 2/3 Pint to Brim